Tuesday, May 19, 2015

​For the past ten years, the Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Center of Monroe searched for a piece of property on which to build a temple of worship. After finally locating a property on Prospect Plains Road, they made an offer to purchase it from the owners, Stephen and Dolly Hsu, for $265,000. The Hsu family accepted their offer, along with a $5,000 deposit. But before the sale reached its closing date, Monroe Township intervened, contacting the Hsus and expressing their own interest to purchase said property. But the Hsus decided to keep to the original deal as planned, and so the property was sold to the Chabad Center. 

Just four days after the Chabad Center became the new owners of this property, Monroe Township approached them with an offer to purchase it.  When Chabad refused, Monroe Township sought to seize it via a legal loophole called a "take," which allows a town to take a property for public policy reasons. Under such an order, the Chabad Center cannot refuse the taking of their property and must turn it over to Monroe Township.

This is how Monroe Township is currently trying to stop Chabad from placing a house of worship in this town.

Personally, I find it disturbing that Monroe Township has taken such great strides to seize a property where the Chabad Center wants to build a house of worship. It took Chabad a great deal of time to find this property and Monroe Township has intervened in its sale every step of the way, and it still isn't over.

--Charles Dipierro

To view official court documents on this matter, please click here.


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