1. Supply ambulances for all sporting events.
  2. Maintain and upgrade police vehicles.
  3. Dedicate Monroe Township EMS to Monroe Township residents.
  4. Retain the assistance of professional grant writers to save tax dollars.
  5. Build a strong working relationship between the Monroe Township Board of Education and the local governing bodies to benefit both children and taxpayers.
  6. Reduce government spending by retaining in-house professional services.
  7. Maintain open space programs and reestablish the Economic Development and Industrial Commissions.
  8. Control additional financial benefits to governing bodies. While I am concerned with providing competitive benefits to employees, we must control frivolous spending by the governing body.


"As mayor I promise to protect the public health, safety and welfare of all Monroe Township residents. In addition, I pledge that my door will ALWAYS be open to you.
​I want to hear from YOU." 

                                                                                                                     Charles Dipierro

Senate bill s2307

To view an official letter from Michael C. Gorski, Business Administrator/Board Secretary of the Monroe Township Board of Education asking residents for their support, click here.

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Video: Charles Dipierro Supports Senate Bill S2307 - Monroe Township, NJ

Mayoral candidate Charles Dipierro of Monroe Township, NJ weighs in with his support of Senate Bill #S2307.
06/02/2015 12:00PM
Monroe Township, NJ